How We Price

Knowing how much space your junk will take up and the cost associated with removing those items can be a real challenge. At Dump It, we like to make things easy when it comes to junk removal. While not all junk is created equal, we like to be transparent when it comes to our pricing. There are never any hidden fees or unexplained charges. The best part, there is no obligation to use our service if your not 100% completely satisfied with our pricing.

Pricing is determined by a volume rate and the amount of space your items take up in one of our standard 15 cubic yard trucks.

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Increments below illustrate a estimated cost for standard household junk removal.

Labor, Hauling

and Disposal.

How Much Junk Do You Have?

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No Obligation Upfront Pricing

Final pricing is determined the day of service when our truck team can visibly see your unwanted items and get a better idea of the work involved. While most jobs fit into our standard pricing model above, not all junk is created equal and may require additional costs for removal. In those circumstances, we factor in material type, recycling costs, service area and labor accordingly. There is no obligation to use our service if your not completely 100% satisfied with our pricing. So sit back as we get you on your way to being junk free.