Eco-Friendly Junk Removal and Recycling

Dump It Junk Removal believes in recycling as much of your unwanted items and junk as possible. The key to our success has been in our ability to break down each and every truckload we carry into recyclable and donatable materials. We have adopted methods that keep your unwanted items or junk from going directly to the landfill. 

Locally Owned

Dump It Junk Removal is locally owned and operated company. We understand the importance of supporting our local business's and individuals within the community.

We Recycle

Providing excellent service to our customers, bettering our communities, and diverting as much as 70% of what we haul away from the landfill is our core value.

We Donate

Dump It Junk Removal is proud of the charity partnerships we have established with organizations in the Chicagoland area. Through these affiliations your unwanted items can become a blessing to those who are in need. Each day, we are able to see furniture, appliances, clothing and other items returned to useful service.

In fact, we’ve gotten so good at providing environmentally-friendly services that more than 70% of everything we haul is recycled or donated, keeping it safely out of our local landfills and back in to our communities.  You can take comfort in knowing that we don't cut corners and run an environmentally friendly operation when it comes to your junk.